Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hey there Bloggers!

Here is the 5th solo performance demo video of Fafftopia. This one is probably my fave performance so is brief and yet it has a kind of aesthetic balance (compared with the other performances). For this performance, I was making use of the "z" keystroke that alters the pitch of the selected stem (via the spinning red ring which also controls the volume parameters).

Soon you will be able to perform Fafftopia too as John Klima has offered to post my user sample set on his website.

Anyways, I am not sure if I will post any more solo performance videos for Fafftopia but there is a chance that I will compose Fafftopia II and III and will also be available to post videos of any mutliplayer performances that Klima can help host.

Jeremy O. Turner
p.s. please scroll down for other solo performances on video.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hey Bloggers!

Here is the 4th solo performance demo video. This performance is the most mellow of the bunch so far as it begins with silence and is mixed at a much lower volume level. If it was not for the abrasive sample "faff20", it would pass for ambient ;-)

Please scroll down to see more videos.

Jeremy O. Turner


Hey there Bloggers!

Here is the 3rd virtual performance of Fafftopia. Think of these as performance demos...each one is simply a proof-of-concept to show how my composition works within the framework of Glasbead (which Fafftopia was written exclusively for).

And now, I am going to upload the 4th video which I believe is the most ambient so far.

Jeremy O. Turner


Hello again bloggers,

Here is a 2nd solo virtual performance of Fafftopia. I realize now what has caused all the distortion...I had the gain on too high on my audio levels for the desktop recording is primarily the sample Faff20 that is super distorted. Anyways, this 2nd performance is still high on the gain. For the rest of the performances, I will lower the gain and make more "ambient" renditions.

I am currently looking at John Klima's Glasbead site again to make sure how to bend the pitches in realtime using the "z" key. Also, I thought I had deleted all the template sample wavefiles to make way for my 32 faff samples...this seems to be the case but sometimes I see the title for one of the template wavefiles appear but at least I made that silent so I can find this particular branch and replace it with one of my "faffs".

At the time of typing, I am uploading videos #3&4....It will probably take at least 4 hours before Google Video uploads and processes everything...I believe performance #3 is still high on the gain but with #4, it is more ambient and has a silent intro...I even figured out how to swivel the ball-base in the middle.

Simple minds, simple pleasures ;-)

Jeremy O. Turner


Hey there music fans,

Ahead of the mid-october timeline schedule, Fafftopia was just composed yesterday on September 26, 2006. Here is the first performance video which has been updated to google video. There will be more videos up shortly. Right now, I am still getting used to Klima's interface. I noticed that I I set too many timbrally heavy faff samples in motion and that caused some serious distortion (not the good kind) ;-D Part of the reason for this is that I am performing for my desktop recording software and I kind of have to show the density quickly as I only have 3 minutes maximum really for individual video uploading. For future videos, I will be more patient with samples.

Hopefully, with future performances, some variety will emerge. Hopefully, John Klima (the software creator for Glasbead) can get his server back up and running so all of you can freely download my Fafftopia sample pack (by emailing me directly) and try your virtual hand at performing this composition yourself...for those with gaming experience, I am sure you would be better at performing than I would.

Stay tuned for more videos... I will post them when I can as I am a stay-at-home Dad so the little one has most of my attention these days.

Jeremy O. Turner - Vancouver, Canada.

Monday, September 25, 2006

FAFFTOPIA COMING SOON....(October 2006 release date)

Screenshot of the Glasbead software courtesy of John Klima.

This new blog will be showcasing a new interactive virtual music composition by Jeremy Owen Turner (myself).

I will be composing a piece for John Klima's virtual music interface, Glasbead.
Expect the piece to be finished by early October, 2006.

Once Klima's server will be back online, this composition will be openly available for multiplayer performance. In the meantime, I will post a bunch of video documents on this blog that will show me performing solo using my pre-composed samples in Glasbead.

In the meantime, check out my bit compositions and my digital audio curatorial site with Janne Vanhanen called Greatest Bits.