Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hey there music fans,

Ahead of the mid-october timeline schedule, Fafftopia was just composed yesterday on September 26, 2006. Here is the first performance video which has been updated to google video. There will be more videos up shortly. Right now, I am still getting used to Klima's interface. I noticed that I I set too many timbrally heavy faff samples in motion and that caused some serious distortion (not the good kind) ;-D Part of the reason for this is that I am performing for my desktop recording software and I kind of have to show the density quickly as I only have 3 minutes maximum really for individual video uploading. For future videos, I will be more patient with samples.

Hopefully, with future performances, some variety will emerge. Hopefully, John Klima (the software creator for Glasbead) can get his server back up and running so all of you can freely download my Fafftopia sample pack (by emailing me directly) and try your virtual hand at performing this composition yourself...for those with gaming experience, I am sure you would be better at performing than I would.

Stay tuned for more videos... I will post them when I can as I am a stay-at-home Dad so the little one has most of my attention these days.

Jeremy O. Turner - Vancouver, Canada.

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